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Elijah Reed
Elijah Reed

[S1E1] Because I Could Not Stop

"My husband and his brother forced cruel choices on their people," Kayla said. "They burned the world down because neither of them could talk to one another." She reached across the table and picked up one of Tawnos's designs. An upright automaton, one of the war-forms she remembered Urza designing after the sack and ruin of Kroog. Kayla looked at her husband's precise script. His perfectly drawn lines. The machine, rendered in old ink on fine paper, looked as if it could walk off the page if one were to utter its activation command.

[S1E1] Because I Could Not Stop

"Ah, thank the gods," Kayla said. She spoke without worry, as the guildmasters certainly could not hear her over their shouting. "Nothing so sweet as moving from misery to annoyance." Kayla stood and hurried over to her artificer, motioning for him to leave the council chambers. "They'll be fine," Kayla said, reassuring him when he looked to the arguing guildmasters. "They'll have it out at some point, or the guards will step in before." Kayla took Tawnos by the arm and walked with him down the hall, guiding him with the determination of a harbor pilot navigating a treacherous strait. She stopped next to a narrow window overlooking inland Penregon, with a view of the mist-shrouded Khers.

A hex logo seems to be mandatory now when developing an R package, becauseeveryone is making a hex sticker. I started to doubt if this trend was agood thing overall, because not all package authors have the graphic designtalent or could afford (the time and cost of) hiring a designer orpurchasing hex stickers. Well, Nan Xiao has at least provided a simplesolutionto generate a minimalist hex logo, which can be helpful.

I envied Karthik when hesaid there wasalmost no FOMO in 2020. I was able to get rid of the FOMO in previous years(which was not easy), but it struck me heavily again in late 2020, and Icould not stop checking Twitter multiple times every day, because my senseof security was destroyed, and I could no longer afford reading Twitter onlyonce a week.

Tolkien describes Tar-Palantir as being "far-sighted both in eye and in mind," so it's entirely possible that him being locked in the tower has not stopped him from knowing about the day-to-day things happening in his kingdom. The warning to not go to Middle-earth could be a warning away from open war, or it could be a warning that Pharazôn is not the dedicated servant she believes him to be. It's all uncharted territory, which means it should be interesting to see how the writers connect this thread to what Tolkien has already outlined.

Cody advises Jenny and Cass to work together because there is a possibility that the disappearance involving truck stops and missing girls could have something to do with a weird religious cult in the area. When she was a cop, Jenny worked the case and has access to the missing person database VICAP. She discovers that 12 girls have gone missing in the past two years, most of them last seen at truck stops.

On his 6th dart, Takashi remembers the room full of bodies and that he is "staking his life" on the game. He unsteadily throws his dart, hitting the dartboard causing Machiko pain as well as taking the lead. He apologizes immediately. After a break, they resume playing. As Machiko throws her 6th dart, the pain resurfaces causing her to stumble. Her dart hits the dartboard causing Takashi pain as well as regaining her the lead. Takashi in pain, is beginning to think Machiko wants to cause him pain and win. He gets up, unaffected by Machiko's insistence that it wasn't her fault. He takes his last dart and is about to launch it, but Machiko holds her stomach and pleads for him to not hit it, because the baby could get injured. Machiko says she was going to surprise him with the news on their honeymoon. This calms down Takashi, who remembers that she had been more tired lately. He apologizes and hugs her, fully accepting that he is ready to become a father. He stands up to throw his last dart. Right as the dart leaves his hand, he has a flashback about overhearing a conversation on his wedding day. The dart ends up hitting the stomach section, allowing tying his score with Machiko's.

After hearing Machiko deny his suspicions, he gives up on his hopeful dreams over living happily ever after with her, and walks over to her lone dart. Takashi then asks Decim if he could use another player's darts. Decim replies that it only matters where the dart is going, whoever throws it does not matter. Takashi notes that this whole game has been impossible to win as a single person, and that the whole thing was rigged. Knowing that one of them will end up losing, Takashi asks what will occur once the victor is chosen. Decim responds that he is unable to answer that question. Takashi takes her dart, and prepares to throw it, jeering that she must be ready to lose at something because she always wins at home, and addresses her by her nickname, "Macchi". 041b061a72


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